Interested in our writing group?

Welcome, come check us out.

The first meeting is open to new members. We are a mixed group from different backgrounds writing in different genres at various stages in our writing career. Our love of writing and our faith have pulled us together.

When: 10:00, the third Saturday morning of each uneven month (January, March, May, July,  September, November). (RSVP and dates on our Meetup page)

Where: The parlour of Crosswalk Community Church, 442 S Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale California, 94086. (The location in Google Maps)

Feel free to join us for the lunch after the meeting. If you have any questions about the writing group or how to reach us, go to our contact page.

Decided you liked it?

For the second meeting, we ask a contribution of $15 in person. Since that’s also (currently) the fee to become a member locally, you can decide to become a member then or by the third meeting at the outside.

The first step to becoming a member is to sign up as a national member of ACFW, American Christian Fiction Writers. The easiest way to do so is by registering through their website. The first year is $65, the following years you pay $45 to be a national member.

As soon as you’re signed up nationally, you sign up locally. You can download:

Print it, and bring it along with your fee to the next meeting, and you’re done for the year.

Online membership fees are $17 and can be made via