The Seaside Painting Caper

The Seaside Painting Caper
by Ann O. Chehak
Westbow Press
November 4, 2015
ISBN-10: 151271530
ISBN-13: 978-1512715309

Life is spinning out of control, and a longing to escape becomes all-consuming.A rude client, an unfaithful boyfriend, and a thankless boss-Trina Santo is unable to cope. Frustrated with life at the art museum where she works, she flees to a small beach town along California’s coast. While her aunt and uncle vacation for the summer, Trina manages their Hidden Treasure Gift Shop.Unforeseen challenges bring Daniel Taylor into the picture to help with repairs at the gift shop. Trina is intrigued by the high-handed but helpful Daniel. He may be bossy, but his actions help Trina when she needs it most. Careful to guard her heart after her recent break-up, Trina first takes the time to get to know Daniel as a friend.Her escape to the shores of Catamara land her in the midst of a plot of secrecy. Trina is fascinated by a missing painting of darkness and night, painted over one hundred years ago. The lost painting’s twin of goodness and light hangs in the historic cathedral under renovation by Daniel’s company. Rumor says the evil painting is hidden in the old church. She must find her way through its maze of rooms to discover who’s at the heart of the deception surrounding the priceless family paintings.Trina and Daniel work together to unravel the mystery around the missing painting and the strange goings-on in town. Daniel is patient with Trina-teasing and challenging her to pray, forgive, and heal with God’s help.


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