The Roaring Redwoods – Vol. 2

Roaring Redwoods Vol. 2

The Roaring Redwoods – Vol. 2
by Leo Colson
Historical Fiction
Bon Temps Publishing
July 2, 2015
ISBN-10: 0692459006
ISBN-13: 978-0692459003

Love, Honor, Money…and the Laws we break to keep all three. In this second collection, the story of the low lifes, high times, and romances of the Riverwood Lodge and Casino continue. Secrets have been revealed and change Joe Santone’s and Helen Decker’s relationship forever. And more change is to come when Joe’s old life shows up with new opportunities he can’t pass up. Helen believes in a life she has thus far been unable to have. Will she be able to accept the world as it is in Riverwood or will she leave her beloved trees and the people they shelter?

If you missed The Roaring Redwoods, Volume 1, you might want to read that one first! One reader of Volume 1 says:

I love how Colson develops the unique characters independently and then brings them together into a cohesive, compelling story. I laughed, cried, hoped, then laughed and cried again as I kept the pages turning. I especially enjoyed how the author’s fresh humor comes through, as well as Colson’s ability to use the story’s environment to move the plot forward, adding even more pleasure to the reading experience.


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